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Welcome to my small place on the Internet.

2020-10-29How I use org-mode
2020-09-22Auto change emacs theme
2020-05-09How to choose your tools
2020-03-01Solaryzed: A Generalisation of Solarized
2020-02-29Add links to code block during orgmode export
2019-12-15Learn Haskell Now!
2019-12-06Optimize the size of no js websites
2019-11-30Further Blog Engine change
2019-11-10Catalina iTerm Theme switch
2019-10-19Modern IRC
2019-09-30RSS Generation
2019-09-23How I Internet
2019-08-18Autoload Script by project
2019-08-17New Blog
2019-08-17Troll 2