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Welcome to my personal website. I generally talk about programming, maybe movies, or miscellaneous topics. You can follow new articles via RSS. I also expose some of my presentations here.

That website was created with the following constraints in mind by order of priority:

  1. Respect Privacy; no tracker of any sort (no ads, no google analytics, no referrer for all external links, etc…)

  2. Almost javascript free; no js at all except for a single exception, pages containing Math formulae are displayed using mathjax. That means that even the CSS theme switcher does not use javascript.

  3. Accessibility; should be easy to read on a text browser so people with disabilities could easily consume it.

  4. Nerdy; should feel mostly like markdown text in a terminal (bad for legibility on the web in fact) and source code should be syntax highlighted.

  5. User friendly; support your preferred light/dark theme by default but you can change it if you want.

  6. RSS; you should be able to get informed when I add a new blog post.

  7. Frugal; try to minimize the resources needed to visit my website; no javascript, no web-font, not too much CSS magic, not much images or really compressed one.

I talk about more details here.

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