About me

Sorry for the late reply.

After reading Digital Minimalism1 I decided to drastically protect myself against most real-time notifications.

I try to look at my email everyday. But sometime a few days could go without me checking them.

So I'll answer, it can just take a lot of time.

My preferred way to be contacted is via encrypted email. This will certainly be the best way for me to notice you among notifications.


emailYann Esposito <yann@esposito.host>
lobste.rs. . . . . . . ./u/yogsototh
reddit. . . . . . . ./u/yogsototh
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Who am I?

I am mostly known for some of my older blog post. In particular:


I'm a functional programmer, working remotely for Cisco.
I work in Clojure and use Haskell/Purescript during the weekends.

I am part of a full remote team. I work on the backend and I'm particularly specialized in Authentication. I wrote a full OAuth2 and OpenID Connect Provider in Clojure. Right now there is no plan to make it opensource.


In our programmer community, tooling is essential.

former websites

  1. http://www.calnewport.com/books/digital-minimalism/↩︎