Git Tips

clone from github behind an evil firewall


git clone

Using HTTPS port:

git clone git+ssh://

clone all branches

git clone can only fetch the master branch.

If you don’t have much branches, you can simply use clone your project and then use the following command:

git branch –track local_branch remote_branch
for example:
$ git clone git@github:yogsototh/example.git $ git branch master $ git branch -a master remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master remotes/origin/experimental $ git branch –track experimental remotes/origin/experimental $ git branch master * experimental

If you have many branches it can be useful to use the following script/long command line.

# first clone your project $ git clone

copy all branches

$ zsh $ cd project $ for br in $( git br -a ); do case $br in remotes/) print $br ; case ${br:t} in master|HEAD) continue ;; ) git branch –track ${br:t} $br ;; esac ;; esac done