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git is a Distributed Concurrent Versions System

GitHub is a Centralized git host

Can we do without Github™?

Betteridge's law

Betteridge's law of headlines is an adage that states:

Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.

. . .

Here the answer is YES!

  • Linux (only mail)
  • GHC used a self hosted instance of phabricator + trac
  • many others I don't know

All right, we can, but should we?

__   _______ ____  _
\ \ / / ____/ ___|| |
 \ V /|  _| \___ \| |
  | | | |___ ___) |_|
  |_| |_____|____/(_)

Short History

  • Internet (decentralized, email, bbs, usenet, etc…)
  • P2P -> no business
  • Centralized -> business, steal data!!!!
  • Decentralized again!
    • cryptobulshit: crash business $$$$ -> #!@*!
    • bio blockchains: sustainable business $$
    • old fashionned style: ???


GitHub™: Social Network

  • user management & trust
  • discoverability

GitHub™: its free!

If you're not paying for it, you're the product being sold.

$$: Pay for private repositories

GitHub™: Features!!!

From their website (in that order):

  • Code Review: comment diffs, approve, refuse, etc…
  • Project Management: issues, milestones, dashboard, etc…
  • Integrations: travis, slack, etc…
  • Team Management: access rights, community guidelines, etc…
  • Social Coding: follow, explore, share, etc…
  • Documentation: github pages, wiki, …à
  • Code Hosting: all your code in one place, tree view, blame view, etc…

GitHub™: Metas

Most GitHub™ features put data in their own internal closed representation:

  • Issues
  • Comments
  • Pages
  • Pull Request & review
  • Wiki

Note there are tools to export them. Ex: migrate to Gitlab

GitHub™ is great today but can suck tomorrow

  • bloatware remember digg, readitlater?
  • downgradeware Swagger-UI v3 (v2 is neat), reddit new redesign (looks better, but slow)
  • payware You rely on our feature, but now, we want you to move or to pay. Fair ;)
  • crapware Nothing works as expected unless you pay: Twitter streaming API?
  • dieware Remember Friendfeed? Google Reader™?
  • etc…

GitHub™ force all your team member to use GitHub™

Were you already forced to:

  • use PowerPoint? Excel? Word?
  • code in PHP? in Java?
  • work on windows? Harder need to ssh to UNIX machines?
  • use Eclipse instead of vim/emacs?
  • use a super complex GUI instead of a few command line tools?
  • etc…

REAL STORY @WORK: github dashboard is slow & terrible for the manager.

Why you shouldn't rely too much on GitHub™?

  • Github™ is great to get you started:
    • nothing to install
    • only high level interface
    • everything explained with nice docs
    • github is really a great product
  • The hidden price to pay:
    • use closed source services
    • give freely many private infos
    • you must TRUST github for privacy, private account

Why not self hosted Gitlab then?

Gitlab is a better alternative but:

  • You still keep the metas of your project in the Gitlab server in some DB.
  • You still force all the member of your team to use your Gitlab version, with your Gitlab plugins, with your Gitlab settings, etc…
  • Gitlab push a big warn so you are pushed to upgrade (new features & anti-features)

git clone

  • [X] code
  • [X] web pages
  • [ ] issues
  • [ ] reviews
  • [ ] comments
  • [ ] wiki/doc
  • [ ] hooks

Git Project Manager


  • can't clone everything
  • big dependence on private tooling (that could change or being interrupted)
  • force same tooling choices accross your team members


  • put metas in git branches CLONE ALL THE THINGS!!!!

. . .

  • use text files for everything DO NOT FORCE ANY TOOL

. . .

  • only rely on conventions, better on standardized conventions HELP TO WRITE SPECIFIC OPEN SOURCE TOOLS

Git Project Manager gpm

  • command line tool
  • integrate your project management metas in your git repo
  • automate a few common tasks
  • follow a few conventions

Tool freedom

  • people on the team don't need to install or use gpm
  • they just need to follow a minimal set of conventions
  • want to use other conventions? Write yourself a gpm in a few hours.
  • but really there are very few conventions gpm follows

gpm conventions

  • git as DCSV
  • text files
  • Project Management metas goes in the branch gpm

Encouraged but not enforced gpm conventions

  • encourage to use org-mode format but you can change
  • issues goes in issues.org file
  • reviews goes in reviews/ with name <branch>-<reviewer>.org
  • docs goes in wiki.org
  • serve goes in your XDG data dir (standard)

git is awesome!

battery included:

  • git hooks
  • git instaweb
  • git daemon

org-mode is awesome

  • TODO list oriented document convention
  • Extremely versatile:
    • issues, bug tracking, comments
    • handling with minimal friction code reviews org-annotate-file
    • workflows:
      • basic trello (TODO, IN-PROGRESS, DONE)
      • scrum (EPIC / USER-STORY / etc…)
      • kanban:
        • EPIC with different statuses (prep, specified,etc..), comments
        • user stories with evaluation, different status, comments
        • QA status
        • Ops status


Create a git project

mkdir -p /tmp/gpm-playground/testprj
cd /tmp/gpm-playground/testprj
echo "Hello GPM" > README
git init .
git add README
git commit -m "Initial commit"

gpm init (1)

gpm init
GPM -- Git Project Manager
Create a new branch gpm (be sure the branch gpm doesn't already exists)
    git checkout --orphan gpm
Switched to a new branch 'gpm'
cleanup the branch
    git rm --cached -r .
    git clean -fd

gpm init (2)

* issue.org
    git add issues.org
    git add templat
* wiki.org
    git add wiki.or
* reviews.org
    create some example review for inspiration
    git add reviews
    create some review templates
    git add templates

gpm init (3)

* hooks/
    Copyings default hooks into the hooks directory
    git add hoo
* server init
create dir: /Users/yaesposi/.local/share/gpm/public
    git init .
    git rev-parse --show-toplevel
    git rev-parse --show-toplevel
    git clone --mirror /tmp/gpm-playground/testprj
Cloning into bare repository '.../testprj.git'...
    git update-server-info
    git commit -m 'gpm initialized'
    git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'

The gpm branch

> git checktout gpm
> tree
├── hooks
│   ├── applypatch-msg.sample
│   ├── commit-msg.sample
│   └── ...
├── issues.org
├── reviews
│   └── write-contributing-yogsototh.org
├── templates
│   ├── new-issue.org
│   └── new-review.org
└── wiki.org

3 directories, 16 files


> gpm hooks
Usage: gpm hooks sync
  Handle hooks for this git repository

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Available commands:
  sync                     Synchronize hooks from gpm branch

issues.org Basic

* Basic Usages
** TODO Do thing 3
** STARTED Do thing 2
** DONE Do thing 1

issues.org Complex workflow, review

 ** REVIEW Basic review process
  :BRANCH:   explain-review-process
  :ASSIGNEE: yogsototh

*** ACCEPTED Review finished
   :REVIEWER: shubby

issues.org Full Professional Usage

#+TAGS: epic(e) user_story(u) task(t) qa(q) ops(o)

 * Some Title                                                                               :epic:
 ** Some User Story                                                                       :story:
 *** Dev Task                                                                         :task:dev:
 *** Document Task                                                                    :task:doc:
 *** QA Task                                                                           :task:qa:
 *** Ops Task                                                                         :task:ops:

gpm new-issue

> gpm new-issue -i

gpm serve

  • web interface: git instaweb (port 1234)
  • git server: git daemon (port 9418)
Usage: gpm serve (start | stop | update | path)
  Serve the git to the web

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Available commands:
  start                    Start to serve all gpm tracked repositories
  stop                     Stop to serve all gpm tracked repositories
  update                   Update the served git repository
  path                     Show the path of the bare repository

gpm review: classical workflow

  1. dev create a new feature branch
  2. reviewer review the branch
  3. dev pull the gpm branch and gpm retrieve the reviews
  4. dev take feedbacks into account
  5. goto 2 until reviewer accept the branch
  6. integration manager/dictator/lieutenant merge the branch

gpm review: reviewer (step 2 of previous slide)

  1. reviewer pull the remote feature branch
  2. gpm review start: create a local file
  3. write the review: org-annotate-file FTW!
  4. stop the review: copy the local file in gpm branch and commit it
  5. gpm update to serve the updated gpm branch


Proof of concept

  • gpm is a proof of concept but so simple its already usable
  • git clone should provide most of your projects data
  • don't enforce tooling on your team, use text files
  • I advise you to use org-mode it is awesome! REALLY!
    • vimer? ⇒ spacemacs or doom-emacs
    • IDE? ⇒ switch to spacemacs eat the bullet!
    • you still can edit org-mode with notepad

Lot of things already done

  • git-scm.org has plenty of resources
  • git instaweb
  • git daemon
  • how to serve git with apaches, if you want to use another non decentralized workflow, or share hosting with a few peers

Going further: Decentralized Web

  • the Internet was thought to be decentralized
  • centralization of services made lot of things easy, it was fair at first
  • but made us dependant and the balance is no more fair
  • it is time to re-decentralize the Internet and take back control
  • we shouldn't be dependant of private services
  • we should pay private service, but they should adapt to us, not the other way around

Decentralized Authentication: IndieAuth

  • one of your online identities = one domaine name
  • serve a page with all your online identity providers and username
    • google
    • twitter
    • etc…
    • but also your GPG keys (see keybase)

Mainly you OWN & CONTROL your identity and the informations about it.

Decentralized Comments: webmention

  • you host your comment
  • a 3rd party website can decide to show it in its comment section

Decentralized Web

  • Your content is yours (prevent site death, change it, delete it…)
  • Better connection:
    • messages can go to all your services
    • use open standards
  • You are in control
    • post anything, any format, no monitoring, share links.