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2020-05-09: How to choose your tools

Modern tools tend to disapears. An app on the web will change, and could break for the worst. Quite often investing in long living tools which are harder start with will be worth the investment.

2020-03-01: Solaryzed: A Generalisation of Solarized

A generalization of solarized (https://solaryzed.esy.fun). I tried to keep the same fundamentals and to free some variables.

2020-02-29: Add links to code block during orgmode export

Add links to code block during orgmode export.

2019-12-15: Learn Haskell Now!

A short and intense introduction to Haskell. This is an update of my old (2012) article. A lot of things have changed since then. Mostly I changed my approach about the easiest way to install a Haskell playground. I removed the not as important part, and added a short introduction about starting a new project.

2019-12-06: Optimize the size of no js websites

Optimize the size of a full static website by taking advantage of information found in both HTML and CSS.

2019-11-30: Further Blog Engine change

About recent changes on my blog system.

2019-11-10: Catalina iTerm Theme switch

Change the profile of iTerm in sync with macOS preferences.

2019-10-19: Modern IRC

Why and how to have modern and respectful chat system with IRC.

2019-09-30: RSS Generation

How I generate RSS feed via command line

2019-09-23: How I Internet

How I protect myself against attention grabbers and many social media anti-patterns.

2019-08-18: Autoload Script by project

A script I use to load safely an eLISP file when entering a new project directory.

2019-08-17: Troll 2

I watched what may be the worse movie of all time and I still enjoyed greatly the show.

2019-08-17: New Blog

Meta article about how I generate this blog.